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ROSEWATER cover reveal!

I can finally share this.


Cover art by Igor Vitkovskiy.

Cover design by Russell Dickerson.

Pre-orders from later this week.



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Myriad Lands Anthology

The Myriad Lands fantasy anthology is out, and it contains my contemporary fantasy story  Household Gods


Available at all good interwebs.




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Making Wolf at The Kitschies

Yeah, so, this happened.

My debut novel MAKING WOLF won The Golden Tentacle Award at The Kitschies.

The Guardian says:

‘The Golden Tentacle for best debut, worth £500, went to Tade Thompson’s Making Wolf, the story of a London supermarket security guard who travels home to Nigeria, where he is kidnapped and forced to investigate the murder of a local hero. Judge Nikesh Shukla described it as a “strong, strange political thriller that oozes with one-liners and thrills galore”’

Which isn’t bad.

For me it was great to meet one of my literary heroes, Margaret Atwood, who won The Red Tentacle Award that night. She was funny and just generally awesome.


Yes, Margaret Atwood wore a tentacly fascinator all night.

More later.


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Songs with the Liars

“I only said how I want to be there and I would sing my songs with the liars,and my lies with the singers.”
Anne Sexton

inktober 12

Here we are at the start of another year. I’m not going to bother with all that revisionist malarkey that everybody does. Why repeat that when others have done it better?

Instead, let’s look at what’s ahead. What are your plans for 2016?

I sold my science fiction novel ROSEWATER to Apex Books. Tentative release date is September 2016. Watch this space, as there may be a promotional website.

Also in September 2016, Secret Project X, a novella. I’ll discuss this with its real title when the embargo is lifted. All I can say is, I’ve finished the novella, including rewrites and editorial input. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I’m working on two projects, LABOURS, an urban fantasy novel set in London, and painting an internal illustration for a short story collection.

My 2015 novel MAKING WOLF is still getting good reviews. You’ve bought it, right?

“The British Yoruba author Tade Thompson was previously known to me as a creator of speculative fiction, so I was rather surprised to discover this excellent writer’s intriguingly titled debut novel, Making Wolf, is non-spec mystery/suspense.  Set in the fictional West African nation of Alcacia, this is a novel well aware of the Bond mythos, and there’s a moment where I thought Bond’s path was the one the plot would take.  Then Thompson smashed that notion to smithereens, and kept smashing.  I was not only surprised repeatedly, I was made very aware that my ignorance of what goes on in parts of humanity’s home continent was by choice.  Brutal, unsparing, brilliant.  Find Thompson’s work and read it.”



Available at all good interwebs!


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Meanwhile, in the Grimdark Land of Grimdarkness…

The first major review of MAKING WOLF is up over at Nerds of a Feather.

“Sometimes, though, novels have no interest in the heights of achievement, in evil as something that can be banished or defeated, in heroes of any sort. In such books, instead of sharing the triumphs of the protagonist, the reader is made complicit in their sins. Making Wolf definitely fits into the later category, creating a rich and haunting narrative that moves with power and destructive energy of a truck tearing a man in half.”

Read the rest here.

It’s a damn fine review, with great insight.

So you might want to buy the book 🙂


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MAKING WOLF: At Scalzi’s The Big Idea

Over at Whatever I wax lyrical about my novel MAKING WOLF.

Which you’ve totally bought, right?


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Afro SF 2 Anthology cover art, Table of Contents and Release Date

Yeah, this:


A novella I wrote with Nick Wood (‘The Last Pantheon’) is in this anthology. It comes out 1st December, 2015.

The Last Pantheon is a science fiction novella where two superheroes come to terms with their conflicts. It’s the second time I’ve collaborated on a story, and I enjoyed the process immensely.

The table of contents:

‘The Last Pantheon’
Tade Thompson & Nick Wood
An epic superhero face-off thousands of years in the making.
‘Hell Freezes Over’
Mame Bougouma Diene
Long after the last skyscraper has drowned who remains and how will they survive?
‘The Flying Man of Stone’
Dilman Dila
When ancient technology seems like magic legends live again in the midst of war and sides will be chosen.
Andrew Dakalira
A space shuttle crash, the numeral eight, serial murders, what connects them all could end humanity.

‘Paradise City’
Efe Tokunbo Okogo
Change is coming to Paradise city and it won’t be pretty, but if this is paradise then heaven must be hell in need of a revolution.

Editor: Ivor W. Hartmann
Title: AfroSFv2
Publisher: StoryTime
Release: 1st December 2015

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