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Publishers Weekly:

[A] compellingly strange yet accessible setting, with an underlying mystery to drive the fast-paced narrative.


In 24-hours you’ll be able to buy my sci-fi novel ROSEWATER.







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Cover Art: INTERZONE 266

Don’t forget Interzone #266 which contains my science fiction short story THE APOLOGISTS.


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In Which I Waffle on About Aliens…

Over at Fantasy Literature.com I say a few things about aliens. There’s a giveaway too, so scurry on over, you might get a bonus.

I say:

“The oldest known narrative featuring outer space and aliens was written in the second century. Yep. You read that right. Vera Historia (“true stories”) by Lucian of Samosata. It even has war on the moon. Arguably, War of the Worlds (1897-1898) is the most well-known alien invasion narrative in modern times. Either way, if you’re reading this, humanity has been telling stories about aliens since before you were born. That’s a lot of stories, man, and a lot of tropes. If you’re going to dip your toe into this you should have some idea of what’s gone before and where you want to position yourself in relation to them.”

Read the full post here.

You’ve preordered ROSEWATER right?





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The Apologists Splash Page Art

My sci-fi story The Apologists will appear in Interzone #266, September this year.

Below is the graphic by Martin Hanford. I like.


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ROSEWATER cover reveal!

I can finally share this.


Cover art by Igor Vitkovskiy.

Cover design by Russell Dickerson.

Pre-orders from later this week.


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On ‘Division by Zero’ by Ted Chiang

This is a short, spoilerific rumination on the short story ‘Division by Zero’ by Ted Chiang.

We are told in the opening paragraph of this story that, unlike what we may have learned in elementary school, the result of division by zero is not infinity, but “undefined”.

This is a story about negation, about depression, about suicide. Both characters have attempted suicide at some point in their lives.

Renee is a brilliant mathematician whose world is shattered when she proves something quite basic simply isn’t true. This introduces uncertainty into the simplest of things. She has proved that any number can be equivalent to any other number. She becomes depressed and tries to kill herself.

“Her concentration was gone, and last night she had had a nightmare about discovering a formalism that let her translate arbitrary concepts into mathematical expressions: then she had proven that life and death were equivalent.”

But her partner Carl finds himself in a similar state because of his inability to help Renee. He has experience of attempted suicide, as well as comforting others who had been suicidal. His world view was that he could handle this kind of situation. He can not.

“He had always had reason to consider compassion a basic part of his character, until now. He had valued that, felt that he was nothing if not empathic. But now he’d run up against something he’d never encountered before, and it rendered all his usual instincts null and void.”

Renee’s situation is to Carl what the now-unreliable mathematics is to Renee. They are both mired in uncertainty.

The ending of the story is foreshadowed by the opening paragraph. It is, in fact, a division by zero: undefined.

(Division by Zero can be found in the collection Stories of Your Life and Others)


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Afro SF 2 Anthology cover art, Table of Contents and Release Date

Yeah, this:


A novella I wrote with Nick Wood (‘The Last Pantheon’) is in this anthology. It comes out 1st December, 2015.

The Last Pantheon is a science fiction novella where two superheroes come to terms with their conflicts. It’s the second time I’ve collaborated on a story, and I enjoyed the process immensely.

The table of contents:

‘The Last Pantheon’
Tade Thompson & Nick Wood
An epic superhero face-off thousands of years in the making.
‘Hell Freezes Over’
Mame Bougouma Diene
Long after the last skyscraper has drowned who remains and how will they survive?
‘The Flying Man of Stone’
Dilman Dila
When ancient technology seems like magic legends live again in the midst of war and sides will be chosen.
Andrew Dakalira
A space shuttle crash, the numeral eight, serial murders, what connects them all could end humanity.

‘Paradise City’
Efe Tokunbo Okogo
Change is coming to Paradise city and it won’t be pretty, but if this is paradise then heaven must be hell in need of a revolution.

Editor: Ivor W. Hartmann
Title: AfroSFv2
Publisher: StoryTime
Release: 1st December 2015

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