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Publishers Weekly:

[A] compellingly strange yet accessible setting, with an underlying mystery to drive the fast-paced narrative.


In 24-hours you’ll be able to buy my sci-fi novel ROSEWATER.







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Publishers Weekly review of ROSEWATER

Wow, a starred review of ROSEWATER from Publisher’s Weekly.

“[A] compellingly strange yet accessible setting, with an underlying mystery to drive the fast-paced narrative.”

Read the rest here


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In Which I Waffle on About Aliens…

Over at Fantasy Literature.com I say a few things about aliens. There’s a giveaway too, so scurry on over, you might get a bonus.

I say:

“The oldest known narrative featuring outer space and aliens was written in the second century. Yep. You read that right. Vera Historia (“true stories”) by Lucian of Samosata. It even has war on the moon. Arguably, War of the Worlds (1897-1898) is the most well-known alien invasion narrative in modern times. Either way, if you’re reading this, humanity has been telling stories about aliens since before you were born. That’s a lot of stories, man, and a lot of tropes. If you’re going to dip your toe into this you should have some idea of what’s gone before and where you want to position yourself in relation to them.”

Read the full post here.

You’ve preordered ROSEWATER right?





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ROSEWATER cover reveal!

I can finally share this.


Cover art by Igor Vitkovskiy.

Cover design by Russell Dickerson.

Pre-orders from later this week.


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Songs with the Liars

“I only said how I want to be there and I would sing my songs with the liars,and my lies with the singers.”
Anne Sexton

inktober 12

Here we are at the start of another year. I’m not going to bother with all that revisionist malarkey that everybody does. Why repeat that when others have done it better?

Instead, let’s look at what’s ahead. What are your plans for 2016?

I sold my science fiction novel ROSEWATER to Apex Books. Tentative release date is September 2016. Watch this space, as there may be a promotional website.

Also in September 2016, Secret Project X, a novella. I’ll discuss this with its real title when the embargo is lifted. All I can say is, I’ve finished the novella, including rewrites and editorial input. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I’m working on two projects, LABOURS, an urban fantasy novel set in London, and painting an internal illustration for a short story collection.

My 2015 novel MAKING WOLF is still getting good reviews. You’ve bought it, right?

“The British Yoruba author Tade Thompson was previously known to me as a creator of speculative fiction, so I was rather surprised to discover this excellent writer’s intriguingly titled debut novel, Making Wolf, is non-spec mystery/suspense.  Set in the fictional West African nation of Alcacia, this is a novel well aware of the Bond mythos, and there’s a moment where I thought Bond’s path was the one the plot would take.  Then Thompson smashed that notion to smithereens, and kept smashing.  I was not only surprised repeatedly, I was made very aware that my ignorance of what goes on in parts of humanity’s home continent was by choice.  Brutal, unsparing, brilliant.  Find Thompson’s work and read it.”



Available at all good interwebs!


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“I too am not a bit tamed…I too am untranslatable”

(The title is from Walt Whitman, by the way)

I’ve been away, busy at the SAFE blog.

I wrote this essay: Emic, Etic, and the Depiction of Otherness in SFF

(Yes, it’s an Oxford comma. That’s how I roll)


Dangerous Games edited by Uber-editor Jon Oliver is out. Go buy it.

It contains my story Honourable Mention which got this feedback:

‘“Honourable Mention” by Tade Thompson was the most promising story in the anthology. I still want to know more. A recent immigrant turns to the underworld(s) in a last attempt to make ends meet.’



Finally, I’ve more or less finished my book Rosewater. Beta readers have got back to me and I’m doing final tweaks before sending out.

I’ve also just about finished my story Household Gods. Still waiting on some beta readers for this.


Yes, I know. This isn’t  a post. It’s a list of boring stuff I’m up to, but I’ll be back soon to bore you with other stuff, I promise.

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Still Here, But Unseen


I’m not gone. I’m just busy with rewrites and talks and family stuff.

I should be doing finishing touches on “Rosewater” by mid-November. Right now I’m so close to the coal face that I can only see one word at a time. I have to trust that the me who planned the book knew what he was doing and had a reasonable plot. Ditto characters.

I’ll leave you with this:

“Make your work the counterargument to the work you don’t like.”
Ron Wimberly

(who blogs here)

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