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The Murders of Molly Southbourne cover!

Yes, the cover of my new novella THE MURDERS OF MOLLY SOUTHBOURNE is here!

You can find out what it’s about, and a metric ton of blurbage on the publisher’s page at Tor.com

The Murders of Molly Southbourne reaches deep into the heart of existence and drags our fears into the sunlight. An excellent, terrifying read.” —Fran Wilde, award-winning author of Updraft, Cloudbound, and Horizon

Pre-order on Amazon: US , UK , Canada, France



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Publishers Weekly:

[A] compellingly strange yet accessible setting, with an underlying mystery to drive the fast-paced narrative.


In 24-hours you’ll be able to buy my sci-fi novel ROSEWATER.






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ROSEWATER cover reveal!

I can finally share this.


Cover art by Igor Vitkovskiy.

Cover design by Russell Dickerson.

Pre-orders from later this week.


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Meanwhile, in the Grimdark Land of Grimdarkness…

The first major review of MAKING WOLF is up over at Nerds of a Feather.

“Sometimes, though, novels have no interest in the heights of achievement, in evil as something that can be banished or defeated, in heroes of any sort. In such books, instead of sharing the triumphs of the protagonist, the reader is made complicit in their sins. Making Wolf definitely fits into the later category, creating a rich and haunting narrative that moves with power and destructive energy of a truck tearing a man in half.”

Read the rest here.

It’s a damn fine review, with great insight.

So you might want to buy the book 🙂


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So, yes, I’m still here, just been hellishly busy working on a few things. Can’t talk about them yet, but in about six weeks I should be able to.


1. I did this discussion on SFF in Africa.

I sound quite hawkish, but thems the breaks 🙂 I have strong views on “African” literature.

2. My book MAKING WOLF is on Netgalley for reviewers.

3. I’m interviewed about the book here.

4. Pre-order here.

As publication date draws closer I’ll have more to say about it.


I like Mad Max: Fury Road and Serena Williams.

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Cover Reveal: MAKING WOLF

I can share the cover for my upcoming crime novel MAKING WOLF from Rosarium Publishing.

The gorgeous art is by Vincent Sammy.


Can’t say much about the book yet, but release date is tentatively September 1 2015.



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Milestone: 60,000 words (file under Celebrate the Little Things)


60,000 barrier cracked!



At 60,000 words it’s definitely a novel. If I die today it’ll be the (drumroll) Unfinished Work blah blah 🙂


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