Back on the Table

Happy 2017!

I can’t tell you what kind of world we’re in, but it’s the only one we have, so do what you have to do to to live in it. Stay safe, cluster around your loved ones, do what you love, work.

Apparently nuclear Armageddon is back on the table. Ho-hum.

I’m trying to write the first draft of a novella called WITCH GUN RUNNING but it’s kicking my ass. I’m wrestling it sentence-by-sentence some days. Like today 🙂 The important thing I figured out is the word count does not mean progress. Having more words doesn’t mean you’re closer to the end of your task.

I’m reading THE FISHERMAN by John Langan. It’s quite interesting, with rising dread and weird goings-on. I’m feeling a Lovecraft vibe, but also Melville and perhaps Ligotti? You can buy it here.

Here’s a review of my novel ROSEWATER.

Rosewater is a novel that doesn’t just re-use old tropes: it makes them fit a tightly wrought story which asks again, and in a talented way, the question of otherness and humanity, and what is worth fighting for. Here is to hoping Rosewater will turn up on many 2017 awards shortlists!”

You’ve all bought the book, right? RIGHT? 🙂









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