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THE APOLOGISTS: Tangent Review of Interzone 266

An uneven result, but good things said about my story THE APOLOGISTS:

“An engaging tale that explores what it means to be human and how different individuals can be. Nicely crafted, the story keeps drawing in the reader as the main character struggles with his new reality.”

Read the rest here.


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Redux: An Interview

ROSEWATER continues to dominate my feed.

Here’s an interview I did with The Little Red Reviewer.


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Publishers Weekly review of ROSEWATER

Wow, a starred review of ROSEWATER from Publisher’s Weekly.

“[A] compellingly strange yet accessible setting, with an underlying mystery to drive the fast-paced narrative.”

Read the rest here


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The Murders of Molly Southbourne

I can now reveal that I’ve sold my novella The Murders of Molly Southbourne to

The announcement is here:

“I made the mistake of opening The Murders of Molly Southbourne late one evening, and found myself so horrified and enraptured that I couldn’t stop reading. Hours later, the book completed, I remained haunted by the poignant and terrifying visions Thompson had conjured before my eyes. I’m proud to have acquired his novella for, and for the opportunity to inflict on the readers what I experienced myself.”

Read the rest at this link:

Blood Copies: Announcing The Murders of Molly Southbourne by Tade Thompson are the purveyors of the finest speculative fiction books. You might want to check out what else they have:





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Two positive reviews of my short story THE APOLOGISTS:

‘“The Apologists” is a story that asks us to look at ourselves, to embrace our imperfections. And that is very different from accepting our imperfections.’ 

Read the rest here:


Des Lewis’ review here:

“Let me tell you that I loved it, loved its hilarious vision of an Earth taken over by aliens who then apologise profusely.”


Which is kind of nice.



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Year To Date

Ugh. This is something I’ve never done, but wiser people than I say I should do this once a year.

So, here’s my 2016 score card:

Original Short stories

THE APOLOGISTS in Interzone #266

DECOMISSIONED in the anthology Crises and Conflicts

HOUSEHOLD GODS in the anthology Myriad Lands volume 1: Around the World

Reprinted short stories


BUDO in Escape Pod


GNAW from Solaris Books


ROSEWATER from Apex Books


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