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The Damage Museum by Vincent Sammy

The Damage Museum is a dark little horror of an art book. I bought the hardcover version and on the back is a ticket stub, as if we are visitors. The chapters have similar ticket stubs.

It opens with one of my favourite paintings by this artist, “Square One”, which is of a zombified astronaut with an open helmet, her communications equipment dripping with ichor.
This chapbook is for fans of dark science fiction and horror, and if that’s not your bag give it a miss. The bloody sheets of “Skin” will chill your blood. The cephalopod-human hybrids of “Scorpio” and “Cancer” were unsettling, but more interesting than frightening.
“Clostridium” shows classic sci-fi ray-guns, but with melted skin stringing from the clip of a rifle.
There are many more gems, including a painting of Emperor Norton (of America) with an imaginary crown and scepter.
It’s worth your time. Recommended.


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Cover Art: INTERZONE 266

Don’t forget Interzone #266 which contains my science fiction short story THE APOLOGISTS.


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I Am…

Reading: Animal Money by Michael Cisco

Listening to: Scarborough Fair by Simon and Garfunkel

Writing: A sci-fi novel called CITY STATE (placeholder title)



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Though I’m not sure why anyone would be interested, here’s a piece I did explaining my writing process. It’s more like my process for ROSEWATER. It has been different for everything I’ve ever written.

The Birth of the Cool of ROSEWATER.



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In Which I Waffle on About Aliens…

Over at Fantasy I say a few things about aliens. There’s a giveaway too, so scurry on over, you might get a bonus.

I say:

“The oldest known narrative featuring outer space and aliens was written in the second century. Yep. You read that right. Vera Historia (“true stories”) by Lucian of Samosata. It even has war on the moon. Arguably, War of the Worlds (1897-1898) is the most well-known alien invasion narrative in modern times. Either way, if you’re reading this, humanity has been telling stories about aliens since before you were born. That’s a lot of stories, man, and a lot of tropes. If you’re going to dip your toe into this you should have some idea of what’s gone before and where you want to position yourself in relation to them.”

Read the full post here.

You’ve preordered ROSEWATER right?





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The Apologists Splash Page Art

My sci-fi story The Apologists will appear in Interzone #266, September this year.

Below is the graphic by Martin Hanford. I like.


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