Updates. Sorta.




-I’ve been keeping things going with my Inktober sketches because I had nothing to say.

-My novel is out, in a manner of speaking. I’ve been disappointed because of supply, publicity and logistics issues which the publisher has not been able to rectify. Ho-hum.

-Meanwhile, I’m working on another novel called LABOURS. It’s set in London and based loosely on the 12 labours of Heracles. It’ll take a while before I can post updates. I’m writing it longhand too, which is fun…until you have to transcribe. Unless RSI is fun to you. Which it might be, I don’t know.

-I’m finishing revisions on a horror novella this week. It’s a secret project for now, but as soon as the embargo is lifted, I’ll post something here. I’ve seen the cover and I love it.

-I’m in the early stages of working on a short story collection called BONE FRAGMENTS. It’ll have internal art by me, and I haven’t started yet. We’re talking 17 illustrations plus one frontispiece. I also have to revise the stories. This will take a year or so, but stay tuned.

-I’m listening to SIFU hotman. You should be too.


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