Afro SF 2 Anthology cover art, Table of Contents and Release Date

Yeah, this:


A novella I wrote with Nick Wood (‘The Last Pantheon’) is in this anthology. It comes out 1st December, 2015.

The Last Pantheon is a science fiction novella where two superheroes come to terms with their conflicts. It’s the second time I’ve collaborated on a story, and I enjoyed the process immensely.

The table of contents:

‘The Last Pantheon’
Tade Thompson & Nick Wood
An epic superhero face-off thousands of years in the making.
‘Hell Freezes Over’
Mame Bougouma Diene
Long after the last skyscraper has drowned who remains and how will they survive?
‘The Flying Man of Stone’
Dilman Dila
When ancient technology seems like magic legends live again in the midst of war and sides will be chosen.
Andrew Dakalira
A space shuttle crash, the numeral eight, serial murders, what connects them all could end humanity.

‘Paradise City’
Efe Tokunbo Okogo
Change is coming to Paradise city and it won’t be pretty, but if this is paradise then heaven must be hell in need of a revolution.

Editor: Ivor W. Hartmann
Title: AfroSFv2
Publisher: StoryTime
Release: 1st December 2015


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