Up and Down the Thames

Been a bit busy with ” untitled work that I can’t talk about yet”.

Realised that I hadn’t posted in a while.

Here: photos of my recent exploration of parts of the Thames.


(I had the song ‘Gimmie Shelter’ running through my head, and I was thinking of Apocalypse Now for some reason).


On one of my stops I drank something called a Delirium Tremens. I saw it on the menu and I could not resist. I discussed it with the staff. I can deal with dark humour, but this seemed borderline problematic. They said it was being removed and discontinued.


Swans, geese and ducks were everywhere. Frequent interaction with humans who feed them (including moi) has affected their danger sense. They actually swim towards motor boats because they know these signal a bread storm.

The sailors(?) have to beat mooring ropes on the surface of the river to clear the creatures so they can dock.


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