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Sketchiness: “To Sherlock Holmes…”



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“Draw a Character from the Invisibles”: Mr Quimper


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Bringing Haralambi Markov to World Fantasy Convention

My friend Harry, a talented writer and great guy, would like to go to the World Fantasy Convention.

Read The Language of Knives here.

This requires funds.

Here’s the Kickstarter.

There are six days left and just over $500 to hit the target.

I’m offering as added incentive glossy prints of my painting ‘Cave Witch’ to every backer to donates $50.00 or more.


All you have to do is send me confirmation of donation when the project is done.

Why are you still here? Go, donate, and be generous!

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Another rambly post with a word for the journey

From the Beloved Country

This is a rather rambly and somewhat personal post, but I’ve been thinking a lot about things and I’m remembering a day conference I attended where one of the women leaders reminded us that if we’re going to be engaged in social change, we need to bear a number of things in mind. One of these things is a word that I think we all need to carry in our backpacks.


We already know that in life, there will always be someone waiting to bring you down. When we’re starting out on the journey, we’re all eager and full of faith. It’s real easy to be made to believe that everyone who claims to be on our side really stands on our side, when the truth of the matter is that each and every person has an own agenda and that agenda may not be the same as the…

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