“Fix your oxygen mask first, then help others” and other productivity hacks

Time just creeps by and you forget what your plan is for your life. The term the military sometimes use, Mission Creep, seems apropriate.

I haven’t done one of these kind of posts in a while. I’ll just free-associate, drift back and forth for sometime, see what emerges.


I’m working on something for Futurefest. I’ll be ‘in conversation’ with someone as well as designing a multimedia exhibit about future cities. It’s difficult work because it has specifications and I can’t go wherever my imagination takes me as I do with my fiction. It is fun, though, trying new things, collaborating with others.


Came across a nest of woodlice and some unidentifiable slug while cleaning my shed. I know they are not harmful, but I could not control the sense of revulsion that I felt. What is it about creatures that live in dark, moist underplaces that fills the human mind with disgust? Or maybe I’ve just got soft. As a child this sort of thing wouldn’t have bothered me. I’d have scooped up sand, buried them all in it, then scooped them away, while whistling a jaunty tune. Heck, I even tasted some insects and, on one occasion, a python (tastes like fish).


I’ve fallen out of good habits again. I need to return to certain simple, but effective productivity hacks:

When you wake up, get up

Light exercise every day, heavy exercise four times a week

Eat (only) when you are hungry

Fix your oxygen mask first, then help others

Draw every day

Read an hour of non-fiction every day

Write daily

Don’t go to bed angry

Be kind

Learn a language

More guitar

Try to learn a new thing about people you know every day

Do it now, not next time

Review these hacks regularly

I’ve made a lot of progress in many areas of life when I’ve done these things. Time to reboot.



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