“I too am not a bit tamed…I too am untranslatable”

(The title is from Walt Whitman, by the way)

I’ve been away, busy at the SAFE blog.

I wrote this essay: Emic, Etic, and the Depiction of Otherness in SFF

(Yes, it’s an Oxford comma. That’s how I roll)


Dangerous Games edited by Uber-editor Jon Oliver is out. Go buy it.

It contains my story Honourable Mention which got this feedback:

‘“Honourable Mention” by Tade Thompson was the most promising story in the anthology. I still want to know more. A recent immigrant turns to the underworld(s) in a last attempt to make ends meet.’



Finally, I’ve more or less finished my book Rosewater. Beta readers have got back to me and I’m doing final tweaks before sending out.

I’ve also just about finished my story Household Gods. Still waiting on some beta readers for this.


Yes, I know. This isn’t  a post. It’s a list of boring stuff I’m up to, but I’ll be back soon to bore you with other stuff, I promise.


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One response to ““I too am not a bit tamed…I too am untranslatable”

  1. Tade, this is fabulous news. Congrats on the glowing review. 🙂

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