Initial Thoughts on the ‘Gotham’ TV show

Seen two episodes of the series.

I have mixed feelings.

It’s cool in many aspects. Jim Gordon’s idealism and toughness combined with naivete. I think they got Bullock down. I also like the kid playing Bruce Wayne who has the right kind of intensity. Alfred seems a bit off compared to what we know of him. He’s a Cockney and is nowhere near as unflappable as the guy we know and love.

My biggest problem is with the homeless people and Selina. On the one hand, good casting with Selina. They are channeling Michelle Pfeiffer (which is good). My problem is that it’s clear none of these writers or producers have ever seen homeless people. Their skin is too clean, their clothes too good, their teeth too white and regular. Selina is completely unbelievable as a homeless person. Also, for the villains, they appear to have gone for medium camp which sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

I still want to watch, but the next episode could be my last.





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