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Still Here, But Unseen


I’m not gone. I’m just busy with rewrites and talks and family stuff.

I should be doing finishing touches on “Rosewater” by mid-November. Right now I’m so close to the coal face that I can only see one word at a time. I have to trust that the me who planned the book knew what he was doing and had a reasonable plot. Ditto characters.

I’ll leave you with this:

“Make your work the counterargument to the work you don’t like.”
Ron Wimberly

(who blogs here)


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Sketchiness: Eyesac

Study for new painting India Ink Water colour

Study for new painting
India Ink
Water colour

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Call for Submissions: Speculative Fiction e-magazine

Have a look at this. if you know anyone who might be interested let em know.


Biomek 2 by Tade Thompson Biomek 2 by Tade Thompson

Omenana, a monthly speculative fiction e-magazine, is open to submissions from writers from Africa and the African Diaspora. Stories and art must be speculative fiction (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror or Magical Realism) and must involve characters, settings or themes directly related to the African continent. Stories and art should challenge normative ideas about gender, sexuality, ethnicity and religious belief. All stories and art must be in English (translations welcome), must be original works (no fan fiction, sorry) and previously unpublished.

We are very much interested in works that explore alternative futures for Africa and people of African descent – with a preference for positive iterations (though dystopias are welcome too). We would also like to see explorations of the past as well as new interpretations of myths, folklore and magic. We do not accept graphic violent or sexual content.

Above all…

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Some news: World Fantasy Convention

So…my story ‘SLIP ROAD’ will be part of the anthology “Unconventional Fantasy, A Celebration of Forty Years of the World Fantasy Convention.”

I’m pleased.

Meanwhile, stuck in rewrites, but I will be in and out of this place.

Tip your waitresses!

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Initial Thoughts on the ‘Gotham’ TV show

Seen two episodes of the series.

I have mixed feelings.

It’s cool in many aspects. Jim Gordon’s idealism and toughness combined with naivete. I think they got Bullock down. I also like the kid playing Bruce Wayne who has the right kind of intensity. Alfred seems a bit off compared to what we know of him. He’s a Cockney and is nowhere near as unflappable as the guy we know and love.

My biggest problem is with the homeless people and Selina. On the one hand, good casting with Selina. They are channeling Michelle Pfeiffer (which is good). My problem is that it’s clear none of these writers or producers have ever seen homeless people. Their skin is too clean, their clothes too good, their teeth too white and regular. Selina is completely unbelievable as a homeless person. Also, for the villains, they appear to have gone for medium camp which sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

I still want to watch, but the next episode could be my last.




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