Some Ghost Story Goodness

My story ‘Slip Road’ is up at Expanded Horizons. 

You should check it out with the rest of the fine and alternative fiction on the site.

Here’s a taste:

“The next morning is different. I have a headache and when I leave the bungalow I cannot feel the wind. I know there is a breeze because I see leaves and scraps of paper moving along Lafia’s roads along with dust devils. I cannot hear the voices and this frightens me. There is a red jeep parked in front of the bungalow. I think it is red, but I no longer feel sure of the nature of colours or my ability to identify them. Is it red, or am I just calling it that because I can remember the word ‘red’? I touch it, touch the bonnet, but it is cold. The engine has not been running. The car has no side mirrors and peeking through the glass I see no rear view either. In fact, there are no mirrors in Lafia. I have been in every bathroom, living room, shop window and even the barber and hairdressers. Shiny surfaces reflect only light, not images. Water is dull. As a result I do not know what I look like. My legs are like reeds, my belly concave, my arms skinny. My forearm skin is light brown, café-au-lait. My nails are bitten down to non-existence, although I do not recall ever biting them.”


I waffle on in that vein. 

It’s a reprint, or rather a reworked old story, but I think I finally figured out what made me slightly dissatisfied with the original version. I think I’ve fixed it. I’m not one of those people who endlessly rewrites and revises, but I could not let this go.

Come back and leave a comment if you like. I don’t bite. Often.


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