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First review for my story ‘Bicycle Girl’: “Brutal but Brilliant”

“A compelling, if gruelling short story, set in a near-future Nigeria. Bicycle Girl is not for the faint-hearted, as it includes some brutal scenes of interrogation, but this is a fascinating depiction of an all-too-credible future played out in a convincing (and refreshingly non-standard) setting. I’ll be seeking out more fiction by this talented author.”

What are you waiting for? It’s 0.77pence, go buy it!


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Vivaldi…’cos there’s always time for Vivaldi

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Finished writing the first draft of my novel ‘Rosewater’.

It is ugly as hell and nobody can see it until I’ve done first pass revisions, but at least the raw inspiration is down on paper.

The next step is to leave it for about two months. I’ll probably start rewriting in October or November, by which time it’ll be entirely unfamiliar.

Meanwhile, I can start rewrites on some older works and write a short story as a palate cleanser.


I’m reading ‘The Scramble for Africa” by Thomas Pakenham  It’s a history book, so well-written that it’s as compelling as a thriller. It’s like 700 pages long, but don’t let that discourage you. Everybody should read it.


Listening to: some Brahms and Creedence Clearwater Revival.



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Sketchiness: The Sun


ink, water colour

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Beats to the Rhyme…

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Clickity-click: Art and Your Brain

“Although we cannot provide mechanistic explanations, the production of visual art involves more than the mere cognitive and motor processing described. The creation of visual art is a personal integrative experience –- an experience of ‘flow,’ – in which the participant is fully emerged in the creative activity.”


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Nineworlds Geekfest: Mental Illness Primer

Themes I hope to cover in my talk on Mental Illness in Nineworlds Geekfest 2014


Radisson Blu Edwardian convention hotel at Heathrow, London

The talk is in Room 30, 11:45 to 1300hrs.


  • Stigma: Why creative writers are of utmost importance in mental illness perception
  • Nuancing suicide and self-harm
  • The case of Electro-Convulsive Therapy
  • True psychosis versus Hollywood psychosis
  • Trauma, stress reactions, PTSD
  • Apathy/avolition, social decline, and the “mad” supervillain
  • Quick case study: Morpheus in Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’
  • Quick case study: Hannibal (TV) auto-immune encephalitis
  • Quick case study: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Episodes:  ‘Normal Again’, ‘Hush’
  •  Quick case study: Angel, Episode ‘Damage’
  • The problem of Split Personality

I’ll be taking questions as well. If you plan to attend and you have a burning topic you can add it to the comments section.

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