Quick Thoughts on Godzilla

I should say a few words about Godzilla.

I went to see it with my offspring yesterday. As a primer I made him sit through the classic ‘Godzilla versus the Thing’ which I had seen when I was his age. It’s also known as ‘Godzilla versus Mothra’. 

Godzilla 2014. 


No Matthew Broderick.

Pretty decent monster fighting

Generally looks gorgeous (but with caveats)



Not enough Heisenberg

The humans get in the way of us seeing monster fighting

Ken Watanabe whose every speech is intoned with all the gravitas he can muster and dilated eyes that make him seem like, I don’t know, Nostradamus or something.

Science! Bad, bad science!

Inconsistent scale of Godzilla making it unclear exactly how large he is

Godzilla being male. This was an assumption with no proof whatsoever. 

Did I mention bad science?

Verdict: 3/5


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