Regarding Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Several things were satisfying about ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

The Falcon: There was a lot of potential to screw this up. In comics history this guy has a history of identifying himself as a token black (see below).



But the film did no such thing. He had his own story arc and  a cool explanation for the wings/flight suit.

The shield: The bounciness of Captain America’s shield is one of the reasons I loved the comics. Jack Kirby (bless his sainted soul) captured the dynamism of such a weapon, but all the movies have not been able to do justice to it. Until ‘Winter Soldier’.


The fight sequences: Great fight sequences from the start, including Batroc the Leaper. Cap’s fighting style has improved and sped up as compared with previous movies. The choreography was more frenetic this time, which is what you expect from a comic book movie.

The tone: This was an action/spy/conspiracy flick. It delivered on all fronts. Bonus points for adding a relevant message into the mix without slowing down the action. The pacing was perfect and no scene dragged or flagged. This film was pretty much Captain America: agent of SHIELD.

Stephen Strange : Name-checked. Expect a Doctor Strange movie.
Brubaker homage: Brubaker (first name Ed) has written the best Captain America stories since the early Kirby work. You can see his DNA all over this movie.

My verdict: go see it.



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