Overweight, but working on it

A few months ago I admitted to being overweight.

Not an easy thing to do for me given that I have a vaguely athletic past.

Now, though, I’ve acquired an addiction to the cross-trainer. That’s been going on for some weeks. This week I added Interval Training to my arsenal.

As in most things I’m trying to be rational about my plans.

The problem has several elements:




The problem with a focus on weight is that once you reach a target weight the activities that lead to weight loss may start to taper off. My wife has this particular problem (sorry, darling, I love you, but it’s true x ).

I’m defining fitness as exercise tolerance for now.

Sustainability is the extent to which the healthy activities (exercise, healthy diet) are maintained and maintainable over time. There’s nothing more short-sighted than losing weight only to put it all back on again.

My goals are bite-sized and set daily. It’s simple: I aim to complete the exercise. I do a little exercise every day (30 mins, 60 mins on weekends) and I eat sensibly. I don’t really diet, but I eat less of the stuff I already eat and I alter the carb/protein ratio. I forbid myself nothing. Most important to me is that I can maintain this indefinitely. Completion is the goal, rather than a weekly or monthly weight target. As each workout becomes easier I just increase the resistance on the cross-trainer.

I’m already seeing benefits and if I’ve figured this out right the weight-loss should be a side-effect of disciplined exercise. Stay tuned, I’ll let you know.


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