Mini-review: Thor: Mail Order Bride (sorry, The Dark World)

‘Thor: The Dark World’ is as expected. 3 out of 5 stars.

It’s enjoyable pap with a high rewatcheability factor. Hemsworth is great casting for the hunky but slightly dim-witted god of thunder. I just wonder why the plots of movies have to be rubbish compared to the comics that spawned them. It’s a serviceable movie, though. Kids will like it. Good visuals, good action, some absurdity and full of SCIENCE! ™ with little regard for real science. If anything doesn’t make sense just throw QUANTUM PHYSICS! ™ at it.

The film is full of cliches, though. I mean, planetary alignment portending momentous events? Please. Visual cliches abound too. 

A few things bother me: Being a London kid myself I don’t buy the idea of inner city London kids not being able to identify the cops. I mean, really? You see waif-like Natalie Portman and you ask ‘are you the police?’ Nope. Not even. More likely they would say ‘give me your purse and mobile phone’. 

Also, Sif has the hots for Thor. Thor imports Natalie Portman as his mail order bride (that’s what she is. Richer, (much) older guy from higher civilisation brings hottie from lower civilisation…metaphor breaks down, but still…) and Sif has zero jealousy. This is a mean warrior mama from Asgard, an equal to Thor and she’s not even throwing a tantrum? I don’t buy it.

All that aside, Marvel is doing a good job of building a coherent shared-world and the movies capture the spirit of the 60s and 70s comics. I can’t help thinking that Jack Kirby would love this. In case you live under a rock Jack Kirby’s influence is in everything from the Avengers, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four all the way to the movie Argo (yes, that Ben Affleck one. The mock-up art for the fake science fiction movie? That was Kirby.).

‘Thor: the dark world’ is fun to watch as long as you don’t think to hard. This comic is for kids.



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