10 Things Fathers Should Teach Sons

Not exhaustive and in no particular order:

1. The condom is your friend.

2. Just because you’re a nice guy doesn’t mean she owes you sex.

3. ‘No’ really means ‘no’. No, seriously, it does.

4. She can change her mind at any point.

5. Notching up ‘scores’ does not make you a man. The number of sexual partners you have had bears no relationship to your masculinity.

6. You don’t have to please your friends.

7. It is never okay to hit.

8. Just because you buy her dinner does not mean she owes you sex.

9. Everybody gets their heart broken at some point. This is normal. It’s how you handle it that makes you a man.

10. Society’s big secret is that physical beauty is overrated. Don’t believe the hype. Love a person, not an object.


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