Cracked the 25000 word barrier (Or, Kids Don’t Try This At Home)


Yep, that means it’s at least going to be a novella.

It’s not the usual way I write. ‘Rosewater’ is more character-based and follows a loose plot structure. The key thing is I’m enjoying the process. Whether people enjoy reading it is another matter entirely.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d share what I do when I’m creatively blocked.

(I originally shared this as an answer to a question Kaaron Warren posed. )

(Kaaron wrote the novel ‘Slights’ which is one of the most disturbing I’ve ever read. And I’ve read disturbing books.)

(This is a cure for writers block that only works for me. Kids, do not try this at home.)


I have a ritual for refreshing.

1. Visit to the National Portrait Gallery in London (or sometimes the British Museum, it varies). Visual imagery unclogs the pipes for me.
2. Immediately after the visit I get a massive sheet of paper (A1 or A2) and spill either Indian Ink or thinned acrylic paint in Pollockesque splashes which may transmogrify into doodles or sentences.
3. The next stage is to leaf through the complete works of Shakespeare and read random passages out loud. Sometimes I just copy out the Shakespeare and I’ll start writing my own stuff immediately after.

It never fails.


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