Time to Admit

It’s time I admitted something to myself: I’ve let myself go. Physically.

I’m overweight and need to get off my fat arse and do something about it.

What has always been a problem for me is immersion. If you’ll allow me a temporary crude Cartesian duality, when I focus on mental things I tend to ignore exercise and vice versa. There has to be a way to feed both mind and body simultaneously, instead of a see-saw method whereby I am at peace mentally with a chaotic body or fit/trim but with a mind like blubber.

Ink on paper

Ink on paper

The thing is I used to be an athlete, competitive even. I know what I need to do, so I’m going to start again so I can get to some semblance of fighting weight. My sensei would be ashamed. I have to dig deep and pull out that inner fighter again, pull out that discipline that I know is hidden in there.

Therefore, in addition to all the rest of the dross I deposit here I’ll occasionally be talking about my efforts to return to a lean state. Bear with me; it’s for a good cause.

I did brisk walking for an hour today, so I feel slightly good. Slightly.


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