Review of Mothership featuring my story “120 Days”

I had a story in “Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond” in which I flow futuristic.

There’s a new review in which this is said about my tale “One Hundred and Twenty Days of Sunlight”:

“Tade Thompson’s “One Hundred and Twenty Days of Sunlight” -+- Our narrator begins the story by being dug up by a witch doctor. He finds himself in the middle of a modern day war. He tells us his story, his family history, and growing up in a small village. Then, one day people the local witch doctor calls parasites start draining people’s blood and the whole village must wipe them out. He winds up in the hut of a woman friend of his, an “albino” named Kemi. It turns out she is one of the parasites and she bites him. He becomes, of course, one of them, a vampire. More story follows and we get a great atmospheric tale in a setting we have not seen before.”

The rest of the review is here.

Buy the book here.



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