Sea Side Guy

Today I left the safe confines of my house with no destination in mind.

I’d had a busy time at work and needed to leave in order to engage with the world outside. I needed to encounter real life, whatever that was.

This is what I found out there:



I don’t know who Ted Hinks was, but I’m sure posting this plaque  here will serve his memory. RIP, Ted.




I love dead boats. There is a sadness to them and they smell like lost opportunity. I often wonder what lives the boat has touched and why it came to ruin.




The puppet master gave these figurines a life that photography stripped off. The illusion of a few bits of cloth and wood playing a miniature violin was eerie.




Another dead boat. A houseboat this time, and although it is clearly not seaworthy, the house seemed occupied.



This is the detail on the door of the boathouse.


After wandering about on the seaside I hopped on a ferry, did some sketches, then headed for a cafe to meet friends.

I don’t feel more connected, but I still think it was the right thing to do.




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