You Have The Time

I have many interests.

I love science, films, medicine, psychology, philosophy, martial arts, comics, paintings, all kinds of music, novels, anything. I spend time on all of it and I have a busy job. 

A friend of mine asked me how I find the time to write fiction, paint, read, attempt to play the guitar and have a rewarding relationship.

It’s easy:

 1. I do a little bit of everything every day.

2. I concentrate fully on whatever I do.

3. I’m patient with myself and forgive failure.

4. I don’t watch X-Factor or any regular programming. I watch what I want when I want. I determine the limits of my relationship with my television.

5. My maxim is to make something new each day.

6. I work first and play later.

Do this for a week and I guarantee you’ll see a difference in yourself. Do it for a month and you will find yourself living a richer life.

You’re probably thinking it’s not that simple. You’d be right. These are the principles of my daily journey. Make up your own.

No matter who you are if there’s something you want to do you can make the time. It takes a little effort and some imagination, but you can do it.

We live in a world that doesn’t seem to value the polymath anymore, but, you know, you should be blazing your own path rather than following the dictates of your TV and popular culture.

W.E.B Du Bois said “As you live, believe in life. Always human beings will live and progress to greater, broader and fuller life.”



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