Sketchiness: Old Sketchiness, 2012

old inky sketches. Like 2012 or so. India Ink

old inky sketches.
Like 2012 or so.
India Ink

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The Red Capes are Coming

The new trailer for Batman V Superman came out:

Not going to say anything about the movie, or how I feel about it, but because of discussions I’ll talk about Lex Luthor’s last statement: “The red capes are coming”

It’s an obvious allusion to Paul Revere who may or may not have said “The Redcoats are coming”, referring to the British Regulars.

Recent characterisation of Lex Luthor suggests he sees himself as a good guy and superheroes as the problem. The presence of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in this movie makes me think he is announcing the dawn of superheroes in the DC cinematic universe (TM).

Lots of curious elements in the trailer, but I’m not going into those just yet.

Let’s wait and see.

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Quick things:

I’m reading:

M. John Harrison’s LIGHT (2002), a delicious mix of cyberpunk, space opera and all good Sci-Fi things.

I’m happy because:

Serena Williams won. Well on her way to becoming the best tennis player of all time.

Working on:

A horror novella that I can’t talk about yet. All I can say is contracts signed, advance received. I’ve sketched the outline, and started the first section.

Don’t forget:

My novel MAKING WOLF is coming out in September, but you can pre-order now.


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So, yes, I’m still here, just been hellishly busy working on a few things. Can’t talk about them yet, but in about six weeks I should be able to.


1. I did this discussion on SFF in Africa.

I sound quite hawkish, but thems the breaks :) I have strong views on “African” literature.

2. My book MAKING WOLF is on Netgalley for reviewers.

3. I’m interviewed about the book here.

4. Pre-order here.

As publication date draws closer I’ll have more to say about it.


I like Mad Max: Fury Road and Serena Williams.

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Sketchiness: “To Sherlock Holmes…”


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“Draw a Character from the Invisibles”: Mr Quimper


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Bringing Haralambi Markov to World Fantasy Convention

My friend Harry, a talented writer and great guy, would like to go to the World Fantasy Convention.

Read The Language of Knives here.

This requires funds.

Here’s the Kickstarter.

There are six days left and just over $500 to hit the target.

I’m offering as added incentive glossy prints of my painting ‘Cave Witch’ to every backer to donates $50.00 or more.


All you have to do is send me confirmation of donation when the project is done.

Why are you still here? Go, donate, and be generous!

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