Hard or Soft SF

A few days ago, with several other writers on Tor.com, I waxed lyrical on the whole idea of Hard/Soft Science Fiction.

“At the root of the Hard-Soft divide is a kind of “I scienced more than you” attitude, which is unnecessary. There are fans of all flavours of SF and the last thing we need is to focus on divisions that were introduced in the late 1950s.”

Read the whole thing here.



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On Escape Pod: Budo



My story BUDO has been produced over at Escape Pod.

Download or listen on your preferred device.

It’s read by Suyi Davies.

This story first appeared in the Steampunk World Anthology and the art is by James Ng.

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Short Story Redux

Okay, so my short story “Child, Funeral, Thief, Death” is in contention for Apex Magazine Story of the year.

If you’ve read it and feel it’s worthy, please vote here:

Votey Linky Thing

One thing is important: if you don’t think it’s worthy of being the story of the year, don’t vote for it. Integrity is important.


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Songs with the Liars

“I only said how I want to be there and I would sing my songs with the liars,and my lies with the singers.”
Anne Sexton

inktober 12

Here we are at the start of another year. I’m not going to bother with all that revisionist malarkey that everybody does. Why repeat that when others have done it better?

Instead, let’s look at what’s ahead. What are your plans for 2016?

I sold my science fiction novel ROSEWATER to Apex Books. Tentative release date is September 2016. Watch this space, as there may be a promotional website.

Also in September 2016, Secret Project X, a novella. I’ll discuss this with its real title when the embargo is lifted. All I can say is, I’ve finished the novella, including rewrites and editorial input. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I’m working on two projects, LABOURS, an urban fantasy novel set in London, and painting an internal illustration for a short story collection.

My 2015 novel MAKING WOLF is still getting good reviews. You’ve bought it, right?

“The British Yoruba author Tade Thompson was previously known to me as a creator of speculative fiction, so I was rather surprised to discover this excellent writer’s intriguingly titled debut novel, Making Wolf, is non-spec mystery/suspense.  Set in the fictional West African nation of Alcacia, this is a novel well aware of the Bond mythos, and there’s a moment where I thought Bond’s path was the one the plot would take.  Then Thompson smashed that notion to smithereens, and kept smashing.  I was not only surprised repeatedly, I was made very aware that my ignorance of what goes on in parts of humanity’s home continent was by choice.  Brutal, unsparing, brilliant.  Find Thompson’s work and read it.”



Available at all good interwebs!


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Jessica Jones Is…

…well worth your time. Watch it.

…filled with noir-detective goodness.

…street-level superheroics.

…really about rape, sexual assault, non-consent and power between genders.

…loaded with good action sequences, pain, consequences and injuries.

…full of agency, agency, agency. Nobody just hangs about. Nobody is there for the sole purpose of helping the main character out.

…demonstrative of a wide variety of strong characters.

(I don’t have the time to write a review, but take my word for it and watch this show.)

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Reviews and Stuff

Mike Tyson said everyone has a plan till they’re punched in the face. Or something similar. Been a while since I had anything to say, mostly because life punched me in the face. No tragedy or drama or anything, just regular life stuff that requires time and effort.

Now then.

Locus Online reviews AfroSFV2 in which my novella ‘The Last Pantheon’ co-written with Nick Wood, gets favourable mention.

“It’s overall an entertaining read with occasional political overtones, not a screed, but at its heart a tragedy of two persons who once called each other brothers.”

Read the full review here.



My novel MAKING WOLF (which you’ve bought, right?) continues to get favourable reviews.

Here’s one from Val’s Random Comments.

“Thompson has his reasons to tell the story the way he does. He wants the book to be more than a simple fast-paced thriller and succeeds gloriously. It’s a book that hides a lot of food for thought under the surface. I’ve been spoiled with a great many good books this year. Making Wolf is another book I can wholeheartedly recommend.”

Full review here.



On the short fiction front, African Monsters ToC and Cover art is ready.

My story “120 Days of Sunlight” is in it.




You can read my horror short story “The Monkey House” on Omenana for free. Lots of other fiction there too.


That’s it for now. Tip your nurses and janitors!

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Updates. Sorta.




-I’ve been keeping things going with my Inktober sketches because I had nothing to say.

-My novel is out, in a manner of speaking. I’ve been disappointed because of supply, publicity and logistics issues which the publisher has not been able to rectify. Ho-hum.

-Meanwhile, I’m working on another novel called LABOURS. It’s set in London and based loosely on the 12 labours of Heracles. It’ll take a while before I can post updates. I’m writing it longhand too, which is fun…until you have to transcribe. Unless RSI is fun to you. Which it might be, I don’t know.

-I’m finishing revisions on a horror novella this week. It’s a secret project for now, but as soon as the embargo is lifted, I’ll post something here. I’ve seen the cover and I love it.

-I’m in the early stages of working on a short story collection called BONE FRAGMENTS. It’ll have internal art by me, and I haven’t started yet. We’re talking 17 illustrations plus one frontispiece. I also have to revise the stories. This will take a year or so, but stay tuned.

-I’m listening to SIFU hotman. You should be too.

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